Wedding Dessert Table

A wedding dessert table is a grand way of raising the cake experience to a whole new level. Apart from the usual two or three-tiered cake, the dessert table can also contain cupcakes, macarons, madeleines, tarts, pies and other baked food items. A dessert bar gives your guests a wide range of options as compared to a single cake. These tasty treats can be quite a lot of work to put together, but the end result is well worth the effort. The dessert table set-up should be visually pleasing and complement the theme of your wedding. A dessert bar is also the perfect match with a candy buffet for a range of sweets and gummies.

How many types of desserts should you have on your wedding dessert table? The more the merrier, so go ahead and adorn the table with all sorts of sweet treats. However, we do not recommend that you overwhelm your guests with too many options. How many desserts will each guest take? Probably three or four, depending on the size and variety of your dessert selection. You may consider having two or three additional options to make it a total of five or six types of desserts. These will be enough to fill up a table in generous portions, and guests can easily pick their favourites.

When a dessert table is mentioned, what comes to mind is a conventional table with linen on it. Why not be a bit more creative? Your dessert can be set-up on an uncovered table, dresser, shelf or a movable cart. As long as it is of appropriate height, you can always make it work. An exposed surface works best with a vintage theme.

The next step is to think about the stands and containers to be used. We provide apothecary jars and glassware of varying heights to bring about a beautiful variation to your display. Should the wedding dessert table be left out of the overall theme? Absolutely not! You can always have aspects of your theme and preferred colours included in the desserts. One of the ways we can achieve this is to match the sweet treats with your theme colors. This includes cupcake liners, cupcake toppers, sprinkles and frosting. We can also incorporate your wedding logo or monogram, and even a picture of you and your spouse! Of course, we’ll need ample time to prepare the customization, so it is advisable to start your preparations early.

Wedding dessert tables are the new big thing as far as wedding catering goes. Do not be left out; this is your chance to give your guests a truly unforgettable experience. If you are unsure how to go about doing it, we are a mere phone call away. With our experience in this area and our eye for detail, we will share our tips and tricks of preparing a dessert table that will be the talking point of your event. While you concentrate on the other details of your wedding, you can trust us to provide the goodies, deliver and set-up a dessert table befitting your wedding.

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