Retro Candy Buffet

A retro candy buffet is a candy buffet featuring food items from the recent past, an era like the seventies that is looked upon with high regard. Retro candy typically evokes nostalgia, with groovy sweets, chocolates and snacks that bring you back to the twentieth century. You can still find retro candy in some shops here, and whether it is teenagers or older people you are catering for, an excellent candy buffet is sure to be the talking point of any party.

Retro candies, chocolates and snacks come in an array of flavors to suit the tastes of young and old alike. You may be organising a retro-themed birthday party, and you want to make the most out of it. We recommend that you begin your planning with something fun, which can also be the highlight of your party. Consider serving different types of confectionery like sweets, chocolates, lollipops, marshmallows, popcorn and snacks. Choose different varieties so that your candy table will be colourful and eye-catching.

We use apothecary jars and glassware to create a stunning display, as see-through containers bring in more light to emphasize the candy buffet display. Our apothecary jars and glassware come in different shapes and sizes, as we understand the visual appeal, that the containers that hold the food items can go a long way in enhancing the overall appearance of your candy buffet. We usually place taller containers behind, so that the shorter ones can sit nicely in front row. Sometimes we elevate the smaller ones and place them at the back instead. Of course, for food items that are unwrapped, we will provide the necessary scoops and tongs.

It is best for your candy buffet to be displayed on a solid, sturdy table – a round table would work, too. Do let us know where you intend to put the table – against a wall, or in the centre of the room – as the table placement will affect your candy buffet’s look and feel. Instead of typically approaching the candy buffet from the front and sides, for example, consider allowing your guests to surround the candy buffet by positioning in the middle of your venue. This would be ideal for larger events, for crowd control and to prevent creating a bottleneck.

Another important aspect: the tablecloth. The tablecloth you decide on should correspond with your event’s theme and colour. We recommend using the same tablecloth as that of the reception table, to maintain consistency across your event. Unless, of course, you prefer your candy buffet to be a standalone display and choose to have your tablecloth in a contrasting colour.

A retro candy buffet is definitely something to have at your next event – be it a birthday party, wedding reception, corporate event, baby shower or product launch. Contact us today, to get the best display that suits your needs and caters to your guests. We are committed to providing an age-appropriate candy buffet that your guests will thoroughly enjoy!

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