Blown away by what you see? These vibrant flowers are fast gaining popularity in Singapore, simply because they contain the seven colours of the rainbow! Unique and perfect for almost every occasion, we (as well as florists worldwide) use them in floral arrangements for birthdays, bouquets for Valentine’s Day, and also for wedding corsages/boutonnieres.

The rainbow rose was designed and developed by Peter van de Werken, who opened a nursery in Nederhemert in 1993 and combined his scientific background with his hobby of colouring flowers using natural colourings to produce the rainbow rose in 2005. He used to only sell single coloured roses but when the market took a dip, he started looking for something different and came up with the idea of rainbow roses. Initially he sprayed the roses with colouring but when that failed, he tried the dye, which took him half a year to get right.


Here at JOandJARS, our clients often enquire about the origin of our premium roses, because with a head size of 6 centimetres and an average of 45 petals per stalk, our roses are much larger than the local ones found in Singapore. Also, our roses have a longer vase life (15 days!) than that of regular roses. We import these rainbow roses from an award-winning rose farm in Ecuador that is almost 50 years old. As the farm is located just south of the equatorial line in a high mountain valley, luminosity is maximized for the roses to grow quicker and taller because they are closer to the sun.


Since 2005, all roses from this farm have been certified by various international certifications, including Veriflora, FairTrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance, and the farm integrates organic practices and uses only approved pesticides. This means that consumers can be guaranteed of high-quality products because the farm produces environmentally friendly roses under the most stringent environmental and social conditions.


Have you ever wondered how rainbow roses are grown/planted, or perhaps considered making your own rainbow roses? Rainbow roses are actually cream or white roses with artificially coloured petals. The tinting is done by splitting the stem of each rose into several parts, before injecting each part with a different colour (or dipping each part in different colourants). This method allows the colours to be drawn up the stem and into the petals as the rose grows, resulting in a rose with intense and defined colours. Of course, there is a special process that controls how much colour reaches each petal. For example, a few petals of a single rose stalk can turn out yellow, while at the same time other petals around it can be pink, orange or blue.


Can’t wait to get your hands on our premium rainbow roses? Send us an email or call us for a price quote! The cost varies – it depends on how many stalks you would like to purchase, as well as the type of packaging required. Also, because the colouring process (tinting/dyeing) takes time before the roses are shipped into Singapore, we require orders for rainbow roses to be made at least one week in advance.

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