A kids candy buffet is the sure way of making your event truly unforgettable for the young ones. The buffet contains an array of coloured candies, chocolates, marshmallows, popcorn, cookies and other goodies that children can’t get enough of. There is more to candy than the sugary goodness it melts into in the mouth. Its rich color makes for a tantalizing display that will keep the kids dipping their fingers for more. A candy table for kids takes advantage of the numerous aspects presented by the wide variety of candies available in the market. You will find them in all sorts of shapes and forms.


The glam does not stop there; candies can be formed into patterns such as spirals, waves and zigzags. Even more dazzling is the color spectrum of the sweets, marshmallows, chocolates and lollipops that you can include in your kids candy buffet. The candies are bought in bulk then transferred to different vessels for display. One of the most important considerations that goes into a candy buffet is the type of containers and holders to be used. Transparent glass jars work best to display the candy colors in all their glory. Apothecary jars, margarita glasses, vases, champagne flutes and flared bowls come in handy to create a visual appeal. Pretty boxes, organza bags, pails and baskets can also be used to supplement the glass jars.


A single-coloured tablecloth makes the arrangement more presentable without drawing attention away from the spread. Another useful tip is to create multiple levels on the table so that the containers aren’t merely arranged in a single row. This is achieved by placing racks or boxes underneath the tablecloth. Alternatively, jars of varying heights are used. The containers can be accessorized with ribbons and paper labels. Scoops are also included to prevent the kids from dipping their hands into the jar, which is unhygienic and can be dangerous. Looking to add that unique touch to your event?


Our array of mouthwatering treats is absolutely irresistible! We specialise in offering candy bars that match your theme and preferences. Allow yourself ample time to concentrate on other aspects of your event as we take care of the mouth-watering treats for kids. Candy and kids are inseparable and a party cannot be complete without indulging their sweet tooth. Our candy setup gives the term eye-candy a whole new meaning. Jars upon jars of colored sweets waiting to be savored is definitely a sight to behold for the kids. Not only are they tantalizing to look at, they taste good, too. We will customize your candy table in any way that you like – personalised labels, incorporating your child’s photo, working with specific colours, etc. Let us help make your party an unforgettable occasion by setting up an enticing kids candy buffet.


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