Kacang Puteh evokes nostalgic memories of the good old days before popcorn became the norm in movie theatres. The term translates into ‘white beans’ or ‘white nuts’, but that only partially explains its contents.

The kacang puteh cart contains a wide variety of beans, nuts and peas – these are packaged in separate transparent glass or plastic containers. Buyers choose their favourite combination from the varieties available. The seller scoops them from the containers into a paper cone. In the early days, kacang puteh sellers hawked their wares from one location to another on a tray, which they carried on their head. Later, they devised push carts which made transport easier – this allowed them to reach more customers.

Is there a place for kacang puteh in modern society? The industry’s dynamics has changed, with mainstream brands taking over the packaging and sale of nuts and similar snacks. Moviegoers now prefer popcorn, and you may have to search further than the corner street before you come across a kacang puteh stand. However, some things remain the same, like the universal love for nuts and that satisfaction you get from crunching them. Unlike some of today’s packaged snacks containing plenty of chemicals and preservatives, kacang puteh is a natural and healthy alternative that is rich in proteins.

The kacang puteh man may soon be a thing of the past, but there are still a wide variety of beans and nuts available for consumers. How about reviving this old tradition at your next event?

We have many different type of nuts prepared in various ways – steamed, roasted, fried and sugarcoated. We package our kacang puteh in modern apothecary jars and glass containers, displaying the kacang puteh’s variety of colours and shapes – a definite eye catcher for any event. Our food-grade paper cones are inexpensive and provide a hygienic way of handling the snack. Parties are held every weekend, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to incorporate something unique for each occasion.

Make your party stand out by engaging our services for a kacang puteh spread. Take your guests down memory lane to the days when children feasted on kacang on their way home from school. Your older guests will sure enjoy a nostalgic bite, while the younger ones will have a fun chance to sample a piece of history.

We will take your ideas on board, and customize it in accordance with your wishes. Like our candy and dessert tables, we will decorate your kacang puteh table according to your theme colours. You have the option of letting your guests scoop the kacang on their own, or we can provide service staff that will do the work for your guests. Either way, the kacang puteh buffet is bound to provide a breath of fresh air at your party, while giving your guests an opportunity to munch on a healthy snack, while reminiscing on the good old days.

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