Halloween Candy Buffet

You may have everything prepared for your Halloween party, but have you considered a Halloween candy buffet? Even if your Halloween party is not a large-scale event, you can still arrange for a candy buffet display – this will definitely delight the trick-or-treaters.

The common colours in a Halloween candy buffet are orange, purple and black, but should you prefer a spookier feel, we can provide you with just a black and white display.

As Halloween is synonymous with candy, it is only natural that you have a candy buffet. There are plenty of creepy candy and spooky sweets that you can include in your display. These include: gummy candies shaped like body parts or bugs (frogs, worms and moths), eyeball-shaped chocolate, mini packs of shortbread cookies with themed packaging and lollipops dressed up to look like broomsticks. For a less-scary look, you can choose to just have candies in orange, black and purple colours.

To ensure that your guests have a good view of the candy buffet’s Halloween elements and edible items, we use apothecary jars, glassware and flat trays. For the centrepiece, however, what about a jumbo cauldron, deep enough to be filled with heaps of confectionery and snacks for your guests to help themselves with? We also offer alternative containers such as martini glasses, vases and items for elevation purposes. The wider the range, the better your display will appear.

We also provide paper coffins – imagine your guests’ reactions when they open up the black coffins out of curiosity, only to find chocolate eyeballs staring them in the face! A point to note: unlike regular candy buffets where most of the food items are consumed during the event, for your Halloween candy buffet, the trick-or-treaters will want to carry the goodies home with them. This is why we provide personalised black or orange bags for takeaway.

There are also plenty of decorations that can be added to the candy buffet. Consider crepe paper in your theme colours, mini pumpkins, plastic insects, a hanging skeleton, cobwebs and bat cut-outs. These will ensure that your candy buffet does not look scarce. We also offer tongs and scoops that are bent or weird in some way, to maintain consistency with your theme.

Like the idea of a Halloween candy buffet already? Contact us today and allow us to do the honours. As you concentrate on the costumes and busy yourselves with the general decoration, we will deliver and lay out the perfect Halloween candy buffet. Should you have specific requests, we will work with you to ensure that the display turns out exactly how you envisioned it to be – if not better. Do not fret if you have no idea where to start or what to do; we will send you a list of candy buffet items for your selection and work together with you in accordance with your theme. Halloween is meant to be a lot of fun, and we are more than ready to do our part in ensuring that!

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