One of the simplest ways to make your event stand out is to include Halal cupcakes. Cupcakes are versatile; they can be served at all sorts of events including baby showers, wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, product launches, etc. Unlike full cakes, which require cutting, plating and serving, cupcakes can be placed on stands or tiers for guests to help themselves.

Cupcake stands make for an elegant display, allowing the entire arrangement to be an eye-catching focal point at your event. The stands are made from different materials such as wood, solid metal, wires, glass and plastic. Once the cupcakes are arranged, you will hardly notice the stand. What catches your attention would then be the tiers of sumptuous cupcakes waiting to be sampled.

At what point do you serve the cupcakes? Well, that decision is yours to be made. Based on our experience, cupcakes are hardly ever out of place. You can hand them to your guests as they walk in, or they can be consumed as a snack during the course of your event. You can also serve them as desserts after the main meal, and we can provide takeaway boxes should your guests decide to take them home. Either way, your guests will surely enjoy every bite of the delicious cakes. If you have a theme or a specific colour for your event, we will strive to incorporate your chosen colour for the frosting. We also provide personalised cupcake toppers – yes, even for mini cupcakes.

We have a wide range of flavours, including vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, red velvet, hazelnut and other fruity flavours. Salted caramel is one of our most-requested flavours, as clients nowadays want something out of the box. There’s just something appealing about the combination of sweet and salty, and our bakers know exactly how to get the two flavours right, resulting in a tantalizing taste that is simply irresistible.
Another top-seller is our chocolate cupcakes; a perennial favourite, most people just can’t have enough of chocolate. We have chocolate in all its forms – be it dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate or even chocolate ganache. If you would like a striking colour for your display, pick our red velvet cupcakes with their inviting dark red shade.

Our Halal cupcakes are suitable for all. Our bakers are Muslim who use Halal ingredients and adhere to Halal kitchen standards. Try us out for your next event and see the difference it makes. Apart from specific events, you can also order these cakes as snacks at home or gift them to your family, friends and colleagues. Whichever the case, cupcakes sure brighten up any day!

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