Make your event stand out with a Ferrero Rocher tower standing magnificently as the centrepiece. Now, it is not uncommon to serve some chocolate to the guests at every given event. You can have them in a jar where guests pick at will. You can also have the chocolate bars handed to them as they walk in. Or you can decide to take it to another level all together and mount the show-stopping Ferrero Rocher tower! We’re talking of more than 400 chocolates whose tower stands up to 50 inches tall with tier upon tier of delicious chocolate. What can beat that?

The Ferrero Rocher pyramid creates an eye catching display; a sight to behold. The guests can’t help but marvel at the towering wonder even before they dip their hands to get a piece. It is not uncommon to see guests take photos of the tower, while others pose next to it. It is definitely a sight that many want to preserve. The tower appeals to the young and old alike. The kids can reach for the lower tiers while the older folks pick from the upper ones. It can be incorporated in any kind of event such as weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, kid’s parties and even corporate events. Other than the sight of the chocolate, which is gorgeous by any standard, the tower can also be decorated to match the theme of the event. Such decorations include ribbons, artificial plates, sparklers and so on.

A Ferrero Rocher tower can be used as a dessert or even an alternative to the cliché birthday cake. Imagine the expression on the faces of the guests when, instead of the usual wedding cake, a sparkling chocolate display is unveiled. The beauty and splendour of the moment will be a memory that will linger for a long time. You don’t want to keep the guests waiting for too long now, do you? They can hardly wait to move closer and grab a piece. As if the gold coloured wrappers are not inviting enough, therein lies an entire hazelnut blended in chocolate cream layered in a wafer shell, then covered with hazelnut pieces and milk chocolate. Just imagining the delicious chocolate and the craving strikes, right?

Get ready for a cutting edge event with our Ferrero Rocher tower. With it comes over 400 chocolates to make sure that the guests indulge to their fill. We are open to discuss more options and ensure that we set the tower precisely as you need it for your event. Our services are flexible and our commitment unwavering; we’re prepared to go out of our way to ensure that your event is every bit as you had imagined, if not better. Your party will undoubtedly be the talk of town. Talk to us and book your chocolate tower for an unforgettable occasion.

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