ferrero rocher tower

Weddings are fun and exciting although a lot of work is involved. Most people decide on a theme for their wedding to match their invitation cards, favours, table tags, etc. Any married person would tell you that deciding on a theme is an enjoyable yet time-consuming process!

Planning for a wedding takes up so much time that the months before the actual day seem to fly by. It is for this reason that more and more couples today are considering do-it-yourself favours.

If the thought of having edible wedding favours has crossed your mind, why not get something that allows your guests to pick and choose – perhaps different-colored candies to put in their own takeaway bag? When your guests help themselves to what they want, it saves you the time it would have taken to put all the favours together yourself.

A great idea would be to have a Ferrero Rocher topiary on your big day. This mouth-watering chocolate display is an eye-catching and unique centrepiece. Imagine individual Ferrero Rocher chocolates on sticks, coming together to form a tree or topiary, depending on your preference. We have found that this is an increasingly popular wedding item, as there are various ways to personalize your Ferrero Rocher centerpiece – decorate your topiary with coloured ribbons to match your theme, or/and include flowers in your topiary instead of having just the chocolates.


To find the ‘perfect’ wedding favor for your guests that stands out and reflects you and your spouse is not a simple task. Although there are various generic options readily available, unique and edible wedding favors will definitely stand out and you can be sure that your guests will enjoy them!

Our customised products are not just great – the prices are also reasonable. We offer a range of creative wedding favours to blow your guests away and make a real statement. The customized tables that we design will make your celebration an unforgettable one.

If you would like to take a look at some of the wedding tables that we have put together, check out our candy buffet pictures.

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