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Want to have a spectacular birthday celebration, engagement party, or baby shower party this year? Try spicing things up with a candy buffet – in addition to the traditional cake. Candy buffets are all the rage in recent months, and you can customise your sweets buffet according to your party’s theme, mood and colours. Candy buffets allow you, the host, to offer a wide selection of goodies for your guests who have various preferences and interests – at an affordable cost. Having an attractive candy display for guests, some of whom may be difficult to shop for, allows something for all attendees, regardless of personalities, likes versus dislikes.

Having trouble deciding what theme would work best for your party and for the integration of a candy buffet? Here is a an easy guide to the most common parties:

Birthday Parties

Let the birthday boy or girl’s favourite book be the theme of the party. For an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fan, you can include little signs or cards that read “drink me” or “eat me”. Have colourful candies in glass jars with striped designs, or in large teacups, and have a stuffed Cheshire cat adorn the table as a centerpiece.

Baby Showers

Baby showers are usually color-themed, based on the gender of the child. For a fuss-free yet exciting change from the usual, design a baby shower around an animal or event – you can have a safari-themed candy buffet, or a carnival-themed one. For the element of surprise at a gender-revealing baby shower, have strawberry cake pops for a girl, and chocolate cake pops for a boy. Of course, dip the cake pops in a neutral colour like white, so guests will only find out the gender of your baby when they bite into the cake pop!

Halloween Parties

Halloween parties are pretty easy and exciting to decorate for. Be sure to put out lots of candy corn, and bake some tasty cookies in the shapes of spiders to put on the candy buffet table. You can also use orange, black, and purple decorations for the table, as well as lots of cobwebs.

All these are great ideas for a candy buffet party that can be customized to fit your needs. If you would like to take a look at some of the candy bars that we have put together, check out our candy buffet pictures. Let us plan yours today!


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