BOOK_webbanner1A bridal shower candy buffet is an awesome way of sprucing up the event. Candy bars are getting ever so common in occasions these days. And they’re not only for the young. Even the older folks enjoy a bite of candy here and there, and they can even carry home to share with the rest. A bridal shower hosts a largely feminine guest list so be sure to entertain with a wide range of sweets, chocolates, lollipops and marshmallows.

Just how much candy do you need for a bridal shower candy buffet? Many people have a problem determining the precise amount of candy that is sufficient for their guests. Individually packed candy is easier to plan for. One general rule that always works is to have about 200 grams of candy for each guest. Some take more, others take less and at the end of the day it all balances out.

The colour scheme can match that of your wedding, giving the guests a sneak peak of the big day. Alternatively you can have a rainbow buffet, mixing and matching all sorts of colours. With all the attention being on the bride-to-be, the bridal shower candy buffet should also reflect as much. You can make use of letter-shaped containers to make her name part of the buffet. The glass jars are arranged systematically, with the taller ones at the back while the shorter ones occupy the front row. It is also important to ensure that the scoops are long enough to reach the bottom of the jars without strain. Although a height variation is encouraged in the display, ensure that the guests are not straining to access the candy. Did you know that you can make a flower from candy? Place many lollipops in a medium jar facing up, and you create the illusion of a flower. Ribbons provide a glamorous addition to the glass jars.

A bridal shower party is fun, full of games and laughter as the soon-to-be wife is given all sorts of advice by the experienced ones. Some even get a bit naughty right? Either way, your party will sure to stand out with the inclusion of a candy table. Choose from a wide selection of sweets, marshmallows, chocolates and lollipops for your candy buffet. How about ring shaped sweets to add significance to the occasion? You can also have stands resembling wedding cakes. The ideas are endless, and we’ll surely come up with something that makes your buffet unique. Let us combine your ideas with our experience and expertise to give you a dashing start to the big day.


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