Tiffany Blue Candy Buffet

A tiffany blue candy buffet is an elegant addition to any occasion – be it a wedding, anniversary, baby shower or a kid’s party. Tiffany blue is basically used to refer to a light shade of blue that is synonymous with the Tiffany & Co Jewelry Company. This color is cool yet lively, making it a perfect choice for a candy bar. You can choose to extend the theme color to the other aspects of the occasion, or you can have the candy table stand out from the rest. There is a wide variety of tiffany blue candies in the market. You will come across chocolates, sweets, marshmallows, and lollipops that you can use to fill your candy jars.

Are you afraid that the monotony of a single color will kill the fun? Well, there are various aspects of the candy that you can mix and match to create a dashing display. Consider different types of sweets for your candy table. Pick varying sizes and shapes and make use of transparent and translucent glass jars for display. Remember, the containers go a long way in enhancing the appearance of the buffet; the jars and vases should be in different sizes. Fortunately, there are many available types that you can choose from – tall, short, flared, or with lids. You can also add other items such as pretty bags, baskets and trays to the ensemble. Scoops are also included where the candy is not wrapped. Clear containers are recommended to show off the elegant colors and add visual appeal to the tiffany blue candy buffet. The candy can be displayed on a long table or even a circular one. Going with the theme color, the table cloth should be tiffany blue but a shade lighter than the predominant candy shades. This ensures that it does not take attention away from the setup.

Every candy buffet display should put into consideration the aspect of height variance. This can be achieved in different ways. To begin with, you can use containers of varying heights, with the tall ones forming the back row while the shorter ones occupy the front row. If the glass jars are of the same height, place boxes or racks under the tablecloth to create multiple levels. Lastly, you can have a table with smaller stools around it. A tiffany blue candy buffet is a sight to behold in any event. If you want one arranged to perfection, contact us and allow us to do what we do best. We will supply and lay out the display to your satisfaction. Tiffany blue is often complimented with a touch of white, resulting in a very classy display. Our wide variety of candy, chocolates and marshmallows will enthrall you, and you can select what is most appropriate for your guests. We will provide all that you need, so you can relax and concentrate on other aspects of your occasion knowing that the tasty treats are well taken care of.