Sweet Sixteen Candy Buffet

A ‘Sweet Sixteen’ Candy Buffet is a great way to celebrate this significant milestone in your teenager’s life. This turning of age means a great deal to them and it could very well be their most significant birthday to date.

A ‘sweet sixteen’ birthday is a delicate age between being a teenager and being an adult. As such, it is imperative that the candy buffet does not come across as too childish; your teenager needs to see that you are acknowledging the fact that they are now grown up.

Unlike other events where you have to decide on a theme, the theme for this party is pretty much set for you – all you have to do is pick the colours and accompanying elements. Although the more common theme colors are shades of pink and purple for a casual party, feel free to explore other colours such as blue and orange, or black and white for something more formal or semi-formal. As for the accompanying elements, they can be sports-related, travel-related, or even animal-related.

Your teenager’s age should be made visible at first glance for when your guests arrive. The ‘sixteen’ can be numerical or spelt out, but it should be clear that this is a ‘sweet sixteen’ birthday party and not just any other celebration.

Next: your candy buffet food items. You can choose to use conventional candy in your theme colours, and mix it up with customized cookies – either in the shape of the numbers ‘1’ and ‘6’, or have the numbers written on a cookie of any shape. We also offer personalised toppers for cupcakes and other baked items, should you wish to incorporate dessert items for a variety in tastes, textures and flavours.

As for the glassware and containers, we can create height variation for your overall display by using glassware and containers of different heights. We also have a range of wine crates in various shapes and sizes for display, or simply for the purposes of elevating the shorter glass containers and apothecary jars. If your candy table is placed against a wall, it allows an opportunity for a beautiful backdrop, banner or bunting – a display of your teenager’s name, or/and their photograph.

Another point to consider is how you would like to usher your guests into your event venue. As your party is a ‘sweet sixteen’ birthday celebration, your guests should comprise of bubbly, lively teenagers who love things done in style. One suggestion is to have a large sign at the entrance that reads: ‘Candy Land Now Open’.

Once in, the candy buffet set-up will be enough to whet their appetite, and the teenagers will want to try a bit of everything on display. Your candy buffet will definitely take the ‘sweet sixteen’ party to a whole new level, and your teenager will be the envy of their peers. Turning sixteen is a big deal, and we are confident that our services will bring about an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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