Mickey Mouse Candy Buffet

Every cartoon loving kid will love the idea of a Mickey Mouse candy buffet. To begin with, children simply love confectionery and can hardly get enough of it. Combine the possibilities of soft gummies, marshmallows, chocolates, mini cookies and popcorn with their favourite cartoon character, and there you have it – a definite showstopper!

The Mickey Mouse character is full of interesting elements that can serve as inspiration for your candy buffet – from his red and black outfit, the large yellow shoes, to his generous black ears. Even more endearing is the bright smile that Mickey Mouse adorns, that has brought happiness to generations of kids across the world. These positive elements can be replicated in a candy buffet, and will bring delight to your young ones.

Envisioning a Mickey Mouse candy buffet is easy, right? However, obtaining the required merchandise, decorative items and props may turn out to be a challenge for you. Fortunately, we are at your service to do just that – to take the trouble off your hands and bring you a candy buffet that will leave your guests wanting more.

First things first; let us look at some elements that will make your candy buffet an absolute blast. The theme can be incorporated in many ways – in the decoration, apothecary jars, glassware, containers, table linen, backdrop and even the food items itself. A typical Mickey Mouse theme consists of four colors: white, black, red and yellow. Of course, you can choose to work with just three of those colours (say, omitting black, if you prefer a bright and cheery set-up), or you can introduce a fifth colour for a fresh look.

Bear in mind the table height for your Mickey Mouse candy buffet – be it a standard sized table provided by your venue, a foldable portable table, or an existing dining table you have at home. This is because for children’s parties, we recommend that the tabletop be accessible for the young ones – a lower than average surface would allow them to easily reach for the candy buffet. That said, you will need a relative or friend stationed by the display to assist the children and maintain order – this person could even be dressed in a Mickey Mouse costume!

Consider having a Mickey Mouse themed candy buffet at your next event – we assure you that it will be money well spent. Perhaps you do not want to wait until the next children’s birthday party or baby shower; you can choose to have the Mickey Mousey candy buffet at a regular event. Having a kids’ corner, or a section of the event venue dedicated to the children, ensures that they are constructively engaged and do not disturb the rest of your guests. The Mickey Mouse character, familiar to young and old, will bring happiness to many – and our customised candy buffet is determined to capture just that!

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