Ferrero Rocher Pyramid

A Ferrero Rocher pyramid is one of those dual-purpose masterpieces that you can have at any event. The pyramid is definitely an attention grabber as it stands tall and proud with an array of chocolate. Imagine hundreds of chocolate pieces arranged on different tiers to form a pyramid! The Italian Ferrero Rocher chocolate is a spherical chocolate wrapped in gold foil. Each Ferrero Rocher comprises a whole roasted hazelnut, covered with a thin wafer filled with hazelnut cream, then wrapped in milk chocolate and coated with chopped hazelnuts.

Why should you include a Ferrero Rocher pyramid at your next event? Well, the benefits of this display stretch far and wide. The visual effects of the tower and its many tiers cannot be overemphasized. Your guests will be in awe of the pyramid even before they taste the chocolate. Secondly, it eliminates the hassle of having to serve the chocolate. Your guests will be more than eager to move closer to the display and marvel at its sheer beauty, then helping themselves to a piece of the chocolate. You will not need our service staff to be on standby, unless your younger guests require help reaching for the chocolate on the top tiers. Once the arrangement is set up, it is as good as served.

Did you know that you can substitute your birthday or wedding cake with a chocolate tower? Our Ferrero Rocher pyramid makes it possible to create a structure that rivals a cake. No matter how much chocolate you have, you cannot achieve this effect without the pyramid. If you plan to use it in place of a cake, keep it concealed until the unveiling moment comes, then surprise your guests with the chocolate structure.

Any day is a good day to have some chocolate. The pyramid can be used in for all sorts of occasions such as birthday parties, wedding reception, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, bridal parties, baby showers, and children’s birthdays. The chocolate display can be used as a starter, dessert or a regular snack. Our Ferrero Rocher pyramid can also be decorated with ribbons or lights to match the rest of your event’s decoration and theme. This will give your guests an experience like no other.

Sounds like an epic idea? Well, we are here to make your event a truly memorable one. How about an 480 pieces of chocolate, on a display measuring 50 inches high? This is what awaits you with our Ferrero Rocher tower. Our package includes a day’s rental of the pyramid, where we will deliver to your event’s location and do the set-up and return for tear-down. Should there be any chocolates left at the end of your event, we will package the leftovers for you to keep. Your event will be the talk of the town and will remain in the memories of your guests for some time, so allow us this opportunity to serve you and just enjoy this awesome experience!

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