Black and White Candy Buffet

A black and white candy buffet is an assortment of candy represented in black and white colors. Candy is basically used as an appetiser, snack or dessert for guests at various occasions such as corporate events, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, full month parties, product launches and other events. JOandJARS deals with all varieties of candy and are dedicated to not only providing quality candy but also setting up a fabulous display according to the needs and theme of our clients.

A black and white candy buffet is one of the great set ups provided by JOandJARS. This can be displayed in many different forms such as use of a variety of candy, chocolate, popcorn, mini cookies and the likes. The food items can be placed and neatly displayed in glass jars or containers of different shapes and sizes.

A black and white color combination is a bold yet conservative theme that will work for different types of occasions. The black and white theme could be further enhanced, with black and white event decorations, and having your guests come in black or/and white clothing. Should your budget allow, we can also add a floral arrangement or loose blooms in your theme colours to brighten up the candy table.

Considering that each event will see a variety of guests (different ages, different cultures and varying preferences), we recommend that our clients include an assortment of candy choices to suit everyone’s needs. This could be achieved by using sugared and sugar free candy, wrapped and unwrapped candy, soft and hard candy etc. Something else to note: it would be good to check with your guests if they have any allergies before deciding on your candy buffet items. Alternatively, you can request that we include, for example, “Contains Nuts” footnote on our food labels.

Another important aspect to consider is the end product – the display. A beautiful display appeals to the human eye and entices your guests to approach the candy buffet for a taste of the edibles prepared for them. A display can be enhanced with our Ferrero Rocher tower and the use of candy centerpieces. Our apothecary jars come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, which will also help to further enhance your candy buffet.

A black and white candy table will make a gorgeous set up for your upcoming function. Contact us today, for a customised and personalised set-up for your unique occasion. Don’t worry about the size of your event; we are able to cater for small and large events alike. With our keen eye for detail and good taste when it comes to confectionery, we promise that your guests will thoroughly enjoy the candy buffet and will be kept wanting more! Make the decision to have a statement display at your next event; visit our website for sample photos of our set-ups and email us for a quotation.

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