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When planning a birthday party, regardless of who the party is for, the whole point is for everyone to have a good time. Achieving this goal isn’t an impossible feat, but several factors have to be taken into consideration – the type of food, number of games, music genres, etc. It may be a challenge to find themes or activities that are unique or different, but party staples like food and beverages are always needed. So, as the host, it’s up to you to customize the specifics to suit your guests and their preferences.

Candy buffets are an up-and-coming trend at birthday parties and other social gatherings because they are simple yet elegant, and provide a fresh twist on traditional party essentials. After all, why wouldn’t they be a hit? Everybody loves confectionery and understand the child-like wonder of being offered delicious sweets and chocolate, and buffets provide a variety of choices.

Hosts choose to have candy tables for aesthetic and practical purposes. Candy buffets comprise of sweets, chocolate, biscuits, popcorn and other sweet or savoury indulgence you might crave. Neatly displayed in elegant glass jars or trays, candy bars are decorative, tasty and intriguing.

Birthday candy buffets are a huge hit at birthday parties for teenagers and older children, but they can be successfully implemented at parties for adults too. By offering a colorful display of tasty treats to entice your guests, you leave them anxious to have their own candy buffet at their next party to create a memorable birthday experience.

Customise your candy table to reflect your personality and preferences! In addition, you no longer have to worry about goodie bags, party favours or little treats for your guests to take home with them at the end of your party. A candy bar not only takes care of that, it also serves as an awesome and memorable party decoration – you and your guests get to feast on an all-in-one delicious and gorgeous display.

Birthday candy buffets are unique and always guarantee to be a head turner – who knows, your family and friends may declare you the party-thrower of 2013! If you would like to take a look at some of the candy tables that we have put together, check out our candy buffet pictures.


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