BOOK_webbanner1A candy buffet at your baby shower is a fun way to entertain guests with mouthwatering treats.

With a spread that offers an eye-catching centerpiece that forms a major part of the overall decoration, there are many baby shower candy buffet ideas that you can incorporate at your party.

Are you expecting a boy or a girl? This will definitely be the main question in a baby shower, if your child’s gender has not yet been revealed. Will you keep your guests guessing until you give birth, or will you provide some hints at the baby shower? Blue for a boy and pink for a girl are the conventional baby shower colours.

However, who’s to say that you can’t explore other colors? Candy tables with multiple colours tend to be more attractive to children, as your display will comprise colourful sweets, lollipops, marshmallows, chocolates, popcorn and the likes, displayed in glass jars and containers.

Given that these colour schemes can be used for any other occasion, what then will set your baby shower candy buffet apart from other events? There are a number of fun ways that the baby shower theme can be incorporated. An example is to use candy and chocolate which are shaped to look like baby feet, baby hands, pacifiers and other baby items – these will add fun and relevance to your candy table.

If your baby shower is also your baby’s gender-revealing party, a blue and pink theme would be a good option to keep your guests guessing. This combination of pastel colours can be incorporated on the candy, containers, tablecloth and even the surrounding decoration. Did you know that we have letter-shaped plates? These can spell out your baby’s name, or any word related to your baby’s arrival.

The above are just some ways that your baby shower candy buffet can be customised to accommodate your desired theme. We are always ready to add some colour and relevant fun to your baby shower party with a brilliant candy display. We will provide all that is needed and produce a set-up to your very satisfaction. We have a wide variety of sweet and savoury food items to go with your theme. Do not worry about the containers; we will provide you with an array of glass jars, cake stands and other containers suitable for the various candy types.

Your candy bar can also provide an opportunity for baby shower games. Some examples: guessing how many pieces of each candy are in each container, attempting to scoop certain candy while blindfolded, and so on. We can also add ribbons and tags to the containers for easy identification. We also provided customised bags and boxes, for your guests to take some goodies home with them at the end of your party. Contact us today, and let us take care of your candy buffet needs!


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